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We have more than 23 years of seniority in international tax advice, within big fours, magic circle firm, a high-end independant tax firm in Luxembourg as well with the set-up of an international law firm in Luxembourg where he was a founding partner, head of tax. We advise commercial clients, banks, private equity and real estate funds as well as family offices, located in the US, UK, France, Germany and Netherlands mainly, as well as in Middle East and Asia.


DPR Tax Law prioritizes open communication, ensuring clients fully understand their tax strategies and implications, fostering trust.


Each client receives tailored tax solutions designed to meet their unique needs, emphasizing creativity and strategic planning for optimal financial outcomes.


Boasting broad and deep knowledge in tax law, DPR Tax Law offers expert advice across various tax matters, from corporate tax to VAT.

Strategic Tax Insight

Harness our extensive experience for your international tax strategy. Benefit from personalized, ethical tax advice that aligns with global standards. Discover the difference we can make.

Strategic Tax Solutions

DPR Tax Law crafts sophisticated tax strategies, combining transparency, customization, and unparalleled expertise to navigate complex international laws. Partner with us for excellence in tax advisory.

What We



Boutique firm

A dedicated, personalized tax law service with a focus on creating bespoke solutions for each client’s unique needs.

tailor made

Customized tax strategies crafted to fit the specific legal and financial circumstances of each individual or business.

business partner

Acting as a strategic ally, providing comprehensive tax support to ensure clients’ business objectives are met efficiently.


Offering impartial and autonomous tax advice, ensuring decisions are made in the clients’ best interests without external influences.


Prompt and agile response to tax law changes and client queries, ensuring timely and effective solutions.

transversal expertise in clients industry

Broad industry knowledge allowing for expert advice across various sectors, enhancing the relevance of tax strategies.


Focused knowledge in tax law, ensuring clients receive expert advice from highly qualified professionals.

network of law specialists in luxembourg and abroad

Access to a wide network of legal experts both in Luxembourg and internationally, for well-rounded counsel.

Broad tax expertise

Extensive knowledge across all areas of tax law, including corporate tax, VAT, exchange of information and registration duties.

Corporate tax

In-depth services for corporate tax planning, compliance, and strategy to optimize tax positions.

Tax Map Key

Take the step and start your tax consultation with us today

We Have Experience



Private Equity Investment Funds

Specializes in structuring investments to optimize tax outcomes, advising on cross-border tax issues, and navigating regulatory environments.

Real Estate Investment Funds

Expert in tax structuring for property investments, handling complex transactions, and advising on international tax implications.

Commercial Companies

Advises on tax-efficient corporate structures, international tax planning, and compliance, optimizing tax liabilities.

Bank/ Capital Market/

Provides guidance on tax implications of financial instruments, securitization structures, and compliance with global tax regulations.


We Perform


assorted-title of books piled in the shelves
Tax Structuring

We excel in designing tax-efficient structures for diverse entities, optimizing their fiscal outcomes. Our strategies mitigate tax liabilities while ensuring compliance with international tax laws, benefiting entities in maximizing post-tax returns and facilitating smooth cross-border transactions.


In mergers and acquisitions,wee play a pivotal role in due diligence, identifying tax implications and structuring deals to minimize tax burdens. Our expertise ensures seamless transactions, maximizing value for all parties involved through strategic tax planning and risk management.

Funds Documentations

We meticulously evaluates fund documentation for tax efficiency and compliance. Our reviews are crucial in identifying potential tax exposures, ensuring that fund structures are optimized and aligned with current tax legislation, thereby safeguarding against unforeseen tax liabilities.

Corporate and Finance Documentation

We scrutinizes corporate and finance documents to identify tax implications, advising on structuring transactions so as to reduce tax liabilities. Our insights help firms navigate complex tax frameworks, ensuring that fiscal efficiency and compliance with prevailing tax laws.

Tax Due Diligence

Our tax due diligence work involves thorough examination of entities’ tax positions, identifying potential tax liabilities and opportunities for tax savings. This process is vital for informed decision-making in acquisitions, investments, and restructuring, providing a clear picture of tax risks and benefits.

Review of IP Structures

We evaluate intellectual property (IP) structures for tax efficiency, ensuring that they leverage favorable tax regimes while complying with international tax rules. Our expertise helps entities in safeguarding and monetizing IP assets, optimizing tax benefits associated with IP investments.

Negotiation with the Luxembourg Tax Authorities

We are adept at negotiating with Luxembourg tax authorities, representing clients in discussions to resolve disputes, secure tax rulings, and agree on tax treatments. Our negotiation skills are instrumental in achieving favorable outcomes for clients, ensuring fair tax positions and compliance.

Assistance on Tax Pre-litigation and Tax Litigation

We provide strategic advice on tax litigation matters, from pre-litigation strategies to representing clients in court. Our comprehensive understanding of tax law and litigation processes enables him to effectively defend clients’ interests, achieving resolutions that minimize tax liabilities.



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12C, rue Guillaume J. Kroll,


Monday to Friday: 9AM – 7PM


+352 661 189 760


+352 661 189 760



Mon to Fri: 9AM – 7PM


12C, rue Guillaume J. Kroll